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Hand Knotted Kazak

Traditional hand knotted Caucasian carpet , wool warp and weft, vegetable dyes and rich color. This beautiful Kazak has a distinctive geometric design.


Kazak Runner

Kazak hand knotted runner of pure wool with vegetable dyes and a traditional Caucasian geometric design.

Size: 2"8" x 9"8"

Persian Sennah

Vintage Persian Sennah with warm colors and an elaborate woven design in a "flat weave". This small beautiful carpet has a tapestery like feeling. Lovingly hand woven with wool, cotton and natural dyes in Iran.

Size: 4 x 5'

Uzbeck Tribal Coat

Traditional Uzbeck Coat in heavy black silk with vibrant, intricate embroidery and floral lining. Worn by the women of Uzbeckistan in the rugged Caucas mountains.