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Chinese Sleeve Dancers and Court Musicians

Twelve Chinese Sleeve Dancers and Court Musicians beautifully carved from wood and exquisitely painted ca. 1910-1920.

Approximately 13"high

Detail of Dancers and Musicians

Antique Jade Scholars Table Screen

Antique Rosewood, beautifully carved Chinese Table Screen with exquisite, detailed celadon jade depicting entwined dragons. ca 1830- 1870

Red Chinese Cloisonne Bowl

Large Chinese 1900's Cloisonne bowl with wonderful flora and fauna depicted inside and out. Available as a pair.

Ming Dynasty Ancestral Furniture

Chinese earthen ware Ancestral furniture with partial glaze. Pair of horseshoe chairs and two tables, one laden with delicious foods. ca 1360-1550

Pair Ming Dynasty Attendants

Pair of tall, beautifully rendered Chinese Ancestral figures of earthen ware and partial glaze Ming ca. 1500-1600

4" x 14"h

Pair Han Dynasty Figures

Pair of Chinese Han Dynasty earthen ware figures with partial red and black glaze. ca. 206 - 220 AD

&" x 19"high

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