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Chinese Buddha

Chinese 1860-1880 Buddha ... wood with gesso and lacquer.

Size: 14.5"w x 17"h

Chinese Scholar's Landscape Marble Panels

Chinese Scholar's landscape marble panels from the 19th century in mahogany and rosewood frames depicting compelling landscapes, seascapes and mountains in the mist from the natural beauty of the marble itself revered by artists of the day.

Available as set of four @4800.00 or a pair @ 2400.00

Size: 13"w x 39" h

Ming Dynasty Horse and Rider

Ming dynasty horse and rider with partial glaze over ceramic ca.1400-1500. Thermoluminesence test preformed in Oxford, England to verify age.

Size: 11"wc x 16"h

Calligraphy Brushes and Holder

Antique calligraphy brushes in a variety of sizes, various handles of bamboo, horn, and stone. Please call for further information.

Chinese Ink Stone

Antique Chinese ink stone used for preparing and grinding ink for brush paintings ca. 1820-1860 Anhui, China.

Size: 8"w x 12"h

Calligraphy Brushes

Antique calligraphy brushes... Please call for sizes and prices.

Tibetan Flint Case

Tibetan flint case of leather, silver reposse and turquoise from the 19th century.

Size: 6"w x 4"h

Antique Wooden Buddha Head

Chinese carved head of Buddha with remains of lacquer over wood from mid 19th century.

Burmese Offering Bowl

Burmese black lacquered offering bowl ca 1890-1900 with traditional red lacquered interior. In excellent condition.

16" x 30" h

Antique Sitting Wooden Buddha

Antique Chinese carved wooden Buddha with remains of lacquer seated on a Lotus base ca 1890's.

8" x 20" high

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