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Most of the porcelain shipped from China to the West during the 17th Century through the 19th Century was formerly known as "China trade porcelain", although now it is commonly referred to as Chinese export porcelain, including the blue and white Canton ware. Canton porcelain was manufactured and fired in the kilns at the Provence of Ching-Te Chen, then sent by the East India Trading Company to the seaside port of Canton for the final decorating process by Chinese artists and craftsmen working in the enameling shops. Thus the name "Canton" alludes as much to the decoration and design on the ware as well as its port of export. Chinese Canton ware was shipped to Europe and America in the holds of cargo ships which resulted in its becoming known as "ballast ware". It became part of Post Revolutionary American history, an age when New Englanders from Salem and Boston eaqerly awaited their shiploads of porcelain from the Far East. The Canton blue and white patterned dinner and tea sets were favored by George Washington as well as the merchant classes. Eventually, it became an integral part of important private, as well as public, collections throughout Post Revolutionary America, being the province of the collector and curator.

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Pair White Carved Porcelian Vases

Pair White Carved Porcelian Garden Seats


Chinese Vase with Temple Lions

Large Chinese porcelain vase with beautifully depicted Temple Lions. Late 19th century

Size: 14.5"dia x 22"h

Pair of Chinese Koi Vases

Pair of Chinese polychrome Koi vases from the late 19th century

Size: 8"dia x 17"h

Chinese celadon vases

Pair of Chinese celadon double gourd vases from the early 19th century with a distinctive glaze.

Size: 6"dia x 13"h

Chinese gourd vases

Large and elegant Chinese famille vert gourd vases with cranes and peonies from the late 19th century

Size: 11"diam x 23.5"h


Small Pair White Carved Porcelian Vases

White Crackle Vases

Pair of Chinese Vases with heavy crackle in the glaze and small temple lions on the lids.

Size: 8" x 8" x 18"

Price shown for pair

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