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Chinese Scholar's Horseshoe Chairs

Pair of handsome, classic Chinese Horseshoe Chair of humu wood with carving on the back splat, ca, 1900-1920's.

Antique Chinese Saffron Sideboard

Late 19th Century Northern Chinese sideboard with an unusual, deep saffron lacquer over Asian elm, and brass fittings .

Pair Mongolian Chests

Pair of Antique Monogolian Chests with traditional rendering of flora and fauna ca.1880's. Some wear in the lacquer but a charming natural painting . Price for each.

Size: 30.5"w x 17"d x 33.5"h

Pair Yokeback Chinese Chairs

Pair of Northern Chinese yoke back chairs ca1890-1910 with wonderful detail, carving and finish.

Pair of Chinese Reedmat Horseshoe Chairs

Pair of Large Antique Chinese Horseshoe Chairs hardwood, with a reed mat seat and a beautifully detailed carving the length of the back splat, in a rich ,somewhat worn, ebony finish. Anhui 1880's.

Pair Red Lacquered Chests

Pair of Red Lacquered Chinese Chests with various Chinese Scholar's symbols painted on the front. Asian elm, lacouer and camphyr woods ca 1890-1900 Anhui, China

Antique Humuwood Tea Table

Chinese one drawer hard wood "Tea Table" ca 1910- 1920's Available as a pair.

Antique Chinese Low Kang

Chinese Insence Burner Table

Antique Chinese insence burner table from teili wood with beautifully rendered carvings. ca. 1850-1860

Size: 17"dia x 22"h

Chinese Offical's Chair

Traditional Chinese black lacquered hardwood Offical's chair with a rice mat seat detail. A set of four chairs are available.

Size: 23"w x 17"d x 45"h

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