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About Us

Lovell Hall was established in the Spring of 1994, in the beautiful lakes and mountains of western Maine in an historic nineteenth century building. In this charming setting in the town of Lovell we presented summer residents and locals a timeless and intriguing selection of European, American, and Asian art and antiques to add to their quintessential New England homes.

With great reception from our customers and three successful summers later, we moved to Portland to continue the business year round in the historic and vibrant Old Port district.

The rich seafaring and maritime history of Maine that fueled and enchanted our forebears with exotic and wonderful items form afar is alive in our timeless collection of carefully selected antiques, art, and artifacts from China , Japan, and Tibet infused with the classic beauty of European and American furniture. In this spirit of weaving the traditions of design, color, texture, and symmetry from the east and west , Lovell Hall offers a discerning selection to enrich and enhance your home.

Lovell Hall takes great pride in providing world
class antiques from around the globe